I was going to leave you a note.

I can't sleep any more.

I thought I'd go with Valentin.

Geoffrey drives his parents' car.

Who do you think they were, Cary?

Sekar and Carl both enjoyed that movie.

Sridharan ended up in the hospital.

I never feel the cold.

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Can I help you with those suitcases?

My friend broke up with his girlfriend and now he wants to go out with me.

You've got to fight that tendency of yours.

My friend asked me if I was feeling all right.

Are you going to eat this?

Comment and let us know!

It can not be done by some one.

It was a usual evening in the King of Hyrule's Castle.

Rebecca pushed his way through the crowd.

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What I do is my problem.

So, how's it going?

I doubt the truth of his report.

He's exactly my age.

You may see Shuvra there.


What's your home address?

He sat beside her with his eyes closed.

Northern flying squirrels nest inside trees.

His humor is very witty, typically French.

I'm not so good at tennis.

He brought her to our place.

Bairbre is careful.

I was able to help.

I had to go there alone.

Only then did he realize he had been deceived.

Vidhyanath is really furious with the way things are going.

Consumption of paper has increased.

That's when I went to the police.

I will have him call you the moment he gets back.

Juri is looking through his notes.


I'm really ready for this.

Leila let Lars know the truth.

Butter, bread and green cheese; whoever can't say that is not an upright Frisian.

You don't have to cancel your vacation.

Tigger will get his chance.

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The island was therefore a sure haven for all criminals who had run from the law.


I'm not the least bit tired.


In former days, men sold themselves to the Devil to acquire magical powers. Nowadays they acquire those powers from science, and find themselves compelled to become devils.

She used to get up early.

You can use my computer if you want.


I'm all thumbs when it comes to origami, or paper folding.

This is it. It's over!

I saw my reflection in the window.


Do you support or oppose this idea?

I've been so busy recently.

The wife murderer claimed that the scratch marks on his face were the result of his cutting himself while shaving.

Do you remember how it all began?

Our school has about one thousand students.

He became a successful lawyer.

It looks so good.

He's the perfect guy.

Moe jotted down a few notes while he was talking on the phone.

In this paper I limit the discussion to Emmet's 'dyad' style in his works from 1995.

I think they must be twins, but she says they cannot be so.

It's not even true.

He had to share the hotel room with a stranger.

I'm not normal.

On Willie's birthday, Shannon baked him a cake with 'I like stoats' written on it in Gothic script.

Is there anything we need to talk about?

I thought you said you were willing to help us find Heather.

Why have you written this book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator?

They have different priorities.

He had taken care of himself.

She was out of breath from walking up and down hills.

You had better stay away from work today.

They've taken Gideon home.

The box was open and empty.

He will be coming back tomorrow.


I don't have time to waste.

Unable to sense the situation.

Enter by the narrow gate.


Matthieu's bicycle has been stolen.


I want to know who did this.


From the terrace there was the magnificent view of Mont Blanc.


"How is it?" "Well, yes ... could be some signs of dehydration."

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She got wet when he started caressing her breasts.

It is not enough to show that these two particles are moving at different speed.

Life is a magnificent gown full of lice.

He broke up the concrete block with a hammer.

The eaglet broke free of its shell.


Mahjong is a game well-known all around the world.

Ravindran can never seem to make up his mind.

Anti-social behavior is fertile ground for humor. In America, where sexual expression was for long repressed, sex jokes abound. When Clifford Geertz asked a young Balinese man the funniest thing he could think of, the answer was "A younger being rude to his older brother."

The budget of the film was very limited.

Who changed the subject?

Your handwriting is illegible.

What do you say to seeing a doctor?

I was enjoying that.

I've been trying not to eat so much candy.


I wanted to make him happy.

Please insert your card.

You won't have a choice.

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I'm the one who has to pay all the bills.

Srinivas visited Louie last week.

I think that's enough for today.


I caught a cold last month.

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She devoted herself to mission work in Africa.

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You really just don't get it, do you?

I was very happy.

Never look directly at the Sun, even for a second! It will damage your eyesight forever!

Pickpockets almost always work in groups.

Don't make so much noise.


I didn't start out thinking I'd go into show business.

Boeing developed a flying boat for the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

I had one.

He has a lot of foreign stamps.

In my workplace is a woman who's very strong willed, on the face of it.

Ten years have passed since he died.

How soon can I meet them?

The doctor gave her morphine.

Children grow up astonishingly quickly.

That house is mine.

Oliver violated his parole.

When can I see Mysore?

How did you kill her?

I couldn't eat fish when I was a child.

I assume Andrea will eventually be arrested for what he did.


Mike swims very well.

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We don't trust the government.

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Sue doesn't like me either.

You've been at this for hours.

The apple is red.


Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

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Robbin and I'll both be there.

I need to be here all day.

I'll be very happy if I can serve you.

From now on, let's keep in touch.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.


This plan has no flaws.

Why don't you try listening?

No one took notice of him.

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In the United States it is popular for girls to learn to skip rope.

Do you know the capital of Belgium?

Emmett told Micheal he thought she'd already drunk enough.


Everybody thought so.


We're sold out tonight.

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The greatest beauty of all is the beauty of the soul.

If you want to be a newspaperman, you have to be observant.

They went on a trip abroad for the first time.


There will be long lines at the Customs.

That has always been so.

It is time to feed the sheep.

The paint is off.

I can't get Ron out of the house.

The dress is green.

Perhaps having realized it was impossible to persuade her, Ms. Kurosaki sighed and sat down in her seat.

Hand back the tape tomorrow.

Get off my tail.

I am to call on Mr Smith tomorrow.

Do what's best for him.

In winter, I often suffer from melancholy.

Tatoeba's popularity has been growing exponentially since the day of its inception.

We must warn them.

Do you think you could handle this job by yourself?

I'm ready to get out of here.

With his wife and children in the country, he was at loose ends for something to do.


Give people what they want.

The dogs are white.

She was kind enough to give me advice.